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Chaos in 2013

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2013: I stopped working September 20th - correction, stopped working outside of the house. I had hip replacement surgery October 3rd and was walking within 2 weeks and driving on the freeway within 4 weeks. I drive a truck with manual transmission (5 on the floor and 4-wheel drive. A Tacoma TRD) The decision was not to go back to work outside - but to commence the retirement plan.

Sell Fremont house. Going on the market next week. SOLD Fremont house.

Move to San Diego and get that house prepped. and Sold. And buy a house for no more than $350,000 in Oakley or wherever I have to go. (Try doing that!)

February 23rd the big moving van (backed up by a trailer I towed from Fremont) dumped 1 1/2 houses of stuff (John's stuff is still traveling with me) into a house already set up. Two of everything! One hauler's load in a reasonable big truck has already pulled out. $3500 in clothing already at Goodwill. Used U-Haul boxes taken back to leave a box take a box recycle at U-Haul. The 100 or so Banker's Boxes unfolded to flats and stored (along with heavy-duty computer stuff). DSL limited in San Diego. MHz International Mystery not in San Diego. Only one PBS station in San Diego.

I finally got the iMAC back-on-line, more or less and joined the San Diego chapter of RWA. First meeting? Query Letters. Oh yes. I need that. And I need to get the PC up and running and charge up the MacBook. One room so far looks like humans might live in it. More furniture needs to get dumped.

Did I say they solved the digestion problems? Took me off coffee, onions, garlic, chocolate, even black tea - a whole list of other. BLAND DIET. I evidently developed a number of food allergies! The coffee is the worse deprivation. No caffeine. Period.


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