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It's Midnight - minus 8 minutes and
----  I Killed My Kindle


Date: March 9, 2016

I was reading in bed and I sort of was drowsy and was awakened by the thump of something hitting the carpet.

Since my hand was empty, I knew it wasn’t the reading - pole lamp (the torchiere top and the reading light). It was my Kindle!

I have broken two of these lamps so far - waking up to find them flat on the floor. (They make a pretty loud whack on the carpet. I don't always register the sound.)

The original lamp has a top part still working, but the reading light fixture is toast - it became the light on the dogs’ side of the bed.

The newer one fell over three times so far and currently, the upper light has one level instead of 3 (3-way bulb damaged) and the shade is forever loose - I am thinking Gorilla tape and a new bulb - and it has a working reading light.

Why they fall over I have no clue. What was I doing in my sleep? Have no idea. I was obviously tired. Oh well.

I normally lay on the bed at night on my left side facing the TV with the light shining on the Kindle screen.

The cat stalks my back and purrs in my ear. The beagles are snug in their sleeping carriers, with padded beds, sleeping pillows, and fleece drapes. Next to Mommy. The ADT Security system red light beams. The over-the-bed room airconditioner is on (usually). The hammer, gun, and cell phone are handy. All is well.

Well - I have dropped the Kindle several times from this position.
My fingers (I use both hands) simply let go. My eyes close. The Tonight Show, or whichever of the night shows I have on as white noise, blares on. I usually wake up around 2-3AM, roll over, and kill the TV.

This time, I heard the thump. It overpowered the TV and air conditioner.

I cursed (Yes, I do), threw back the covers, and I got up (disturbing the orange tabby that rules the house) and picked the Kindle up and the screen went all funny. Streaks and lines and messed up words. Damn.

I turned it off and (see below) ooops.

I killed my Kindle….I was reading a Regency…..it was just getting interesting……


For those not technically inclined, most of you, it looks like it broke an address line or lines so the machine cannot properly put the right pixels on the screen. You can advance the page and read the bottom - but you obviously cannot read all the words on the top of the page. This is the "off" position. So the little thing is trying its best....

I broke my Kindle. And 352 eBooks including my own are out of reach. Well, from the bedroom. The iMAC Kindle Ap runs just fine.

Shouldn't have taken the case off this poor little thing. (Reading light battery quit.)

I tried the paper White Kindle - I sent it back case and all. I will switch to my laptop shortly. 365 books now...







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