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Retired Mother's Morning

Date: June 2017

      Sir Thomas (My rescued very large cat) let me slither across the bed and snuggle him for 10 seconds before he stalked off to the "office" which is where his food dish is. Because - you know - feeding the cat must be the first thing on your mind. He gets annoyed if I spend too long getting up, running to the bathroom, etc. He will come back and complain and herd me again. (He has a number of different sounds - you sometimes think he's talking.)

For Christmas I saved a life... meet Thomas - demanding pets and food (SOFT FUR!)

      This morning I forgot the wet food - caught myself as I was about to loose the hounds.

      Right after I turned off the ADT alarm - because 80 decibels is very loud and then I get a phone call asking if I need the police. I am tempted to say "Only if they send a hot cop." Because I write Hot Cops. And I would really love to meet one. Just not while I am stumbling around getting organized. Anyway, I realized my error because Thomas was now stalking me from the other room.

      I let the dogs go downstairs without me - ran back and gave Thomas his spoonful of Salmon paté. Then I ran back to go downstairs - and found Grace the Alpha beagle waiting on the stairs so she could herd me downstairs to let the beagles out. Grace and Suky ran for it and then assumed their positions---for the tossed treats - except no weeds - no grass- and no mulch down yet either.

      They scarfed those treats up quickly. Then they ran back into the house and to the pen because - it was time for meds. Grace gets thyroid - Suky gets the benefit. I wrap pills in soft CHEESE. I also give out Glyde and a dental chew. I have to be careful of my fingers!

      Next up is Summer who now begins her ritual of meows in increasing volume as she herds me around the kitchen. I feed her - and she wants what Thomas is having.

      This is followed by a sudden violent allergy attack (big sneezes, spitting up phlegm, sinuses exploding. Headache.) I have Rx spray. I take Claritan/Allevert. Yeah. That's helpful. Not. Takes twenty minutes for my head to sort-of calm down.

      The heat outside is already blooming. The gunshots from the Marine practice range echo in the canyon.

      Can I have my coffee now???????





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