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Pen Name? Real Name? You Decide

Date: March 16, 2017

Pen Names - Real Names

One question authors (esp new authors) face is the question - pen name or not to pen name?

I started writing and publishing while still working. My first books were technical textbooks.
I used my real name: Donnamaie E. White, PhD. They were traditionally published. Now, they are eBook published.

I wrote a blog for 20+ years And am trying to get back to doing that - some humor, some diatribes, some stories about my animals and kids, and some about - STALKING FABIO! Under my own name.

I used D. E. White for my first fiction book. Science Fiction. My first love.

But when I started writing sexy, steamy, hot books, I was still working in male-chauvinist high-tech.
Needed a different name and only my supervisor could know I wrote.

I write historical Regencies. Yes another pen name - because I was told by others the reader tie a pen name to a genre or even a sub-genre and expect that genre and get made when you write something else!

There was the idea that --- if you write one genre and then write another --- you had to use a different name.

Well, I ended up with three pen names, Plus variants for special sub-classes)

  • **** Donnamaie E. White for the Blog Stories

    (D. E. White for Science Fiction) (1999 - stuck with that)

    (Either for textbooks but a sans-serif font)

  • **** Caliente Morgan for hot stuff (hot cops, hot vampires, hot firemen)

  • **** Lady Morgan for historicals and Gothic

Now, there are plenty of examples of people with one pen name and writing in different genres.

And, the thing is - once you go down a road - you need to stay on it. All these names have websites. They are linked from other blogs, sites, Facebook, and so forth. They now have a life of their own. Impossible to unwrap. So I will stay with three.

To make things easy - I have a trademark and all my books technical, sic fi, and the others, will be brought under the trademark. WhitePubs. It's registered.

So - to find one of my fiction books - you go to Amazon and search WhitePubs - and they will all pop up. Makes things easy.

Of course, Whitepubs has its own website too - it points to the other ones.

Now I need to get the technical books re-released as eBook and POD and get the HTML versions down.
And I will put on new covers.....


And, of course, Jettison needs to be released as an eBook.

Jettison, 1999





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Why Whitepubs? Because I have three pen names. Four if you count my technical books!

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