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The Tragedy of Short-Term Memory Erosion

Date: June 4, 2017

      The tragedy of short-term memory erosion or why you should follow your dream BEFORE you turn 75.
I studied. I rewrote 4 book descriptions. I opened accounts on iTunes, B&N, and Kobo. I had the first four ready to upload.
      Keywords, categories, descriptions, ISBN, Meta sheets on all four - I even took a class on that. And totally forgot that I hadn't actually uploaded. Been a month. Fortunately - I believe I took copious notes….
      I need to walk the dogs. It will leave me exhausted. My thyroid is too low. Why my weight loss is ridiculous considering the diet I am on.
      I did remember to go out last night and drive the truck (been 3 days) - whipped it down to Pomerado Road on the one end of Avenida - tore down Pomerado at 45 - hooked Avenida and tore up the hill and back into my garage. I forgot to pick up meds at CVS - a 4 mile trip (each way).
      I need to remember to change the sheets. Vac the cat’s rooms. Move the queen bed into the master bedroom and where do I put my beloved Banner Mattress?
      Give the animals Revolution. All four of them. Order more Revolution.
      Make vet apt for Grace to get distemper update (had to be separate by 2 weeks from the rattlesnake vaccine).
Call MY dr for a couple of apts. Dermatologist (I have skin damage - canser screen) Mammogram (cancer screen) Arthritus doctor (new joint on hand acting up)
      And on and on.
      I've been trying to call the landscaper I choose to see if he can do my yard. For a Month.
      Oh yes - today is cat pan day.
      I already skip a lot of housework choosing to attack a mess rather than just be tidy.
      I am distracted all day long by the Nutrisystem rule book
      The marine layer makes my head fuzzy - the high afternoon heat knocks me out. I need SOLAR and all day running air conditioner. I need to add air purifieres. I need dust control (clean the house furnace vents????)


      So my brain helps me out. It simply forgets……





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