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CreateSpace Should Provide a Human Mentor

Date: February 20, 2018

OMG what an ordea!

The Italian Vampire is submitted to CreateSpace.

We are in the Checking station - waiting to see if I now order proof copies.

Started adding Meta Data.

Five keywords. Other sites take more. Ads take hundreds.

One BISAC (Category) and that only 3 steps deep (need 4-5)

Description - copied the one from the eBook. Of course.

I even had them call me - so confusing! (So was the phone call)

I want the eBook and the Print book to Align on the SAME DETAIL PAGE by the time we finish.

They want to go ahead and send my files to KDP - NO! The Kindle book is already on-line!

Knock Knock - anyone home?

Talk about greedy grabby gopher guts.

I will be getting proof copies. Eventually.

Stepping from the polished orderly, professional, traditional publishing operation (which I did when I published Jettison in 1999) into the cock-eyed everyone must be different world that is indie publishing today.....yikes.

I want to see flowcharts and standardization! Logic. Orderlyness.

Waiting to see what it comes back with - will they email me?

Or - do I have to go log in again?

The engineer in me is rebelling.




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