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Thomas and Summer needed a Nail Trim

Date: January 18, 2019

      I was in a love fest with Thomas, my rescue long-haired 20-pound cat. (19.6lbs) I thought it was 6AM and I needed to grab him and cage him for the vet (nails today) so I did - managing to get my feet out of the sheets (I can only cuddle him if I am under the sheets.)

      Then I looked at the clock (I needed glasses to really see.) It was 4:30AM and I had a loudly protesting cat in a cage. I tried - no sleep.

      By 6AM I gave up and got up and let the dogs loose and managed to get the heavy cat carrier down stairs one step at a time. I caught Summer and put her in her carrier (so she could protest too). So I now had two mad cats. 

      BY 8:15 I was dressed and ready - vet office said 9:30AM.

      By 9:45AM I was done and on the way home. Thomas being heavy - I let him loose on the middle of the stairs - he ran up the rest and right back to the office. And there was a HISS. Summer had been released as soon as I got her in the house. I did not think she'd run into the upstairs. I had to run her out.

        I went downstairs with the cats now separated and I went back to bed on the day bed. And I pretty much stayed there ALL DAY LONG......

      I cannot function on 4 hours sleep. No more all-nighters. And Thomas - who by dinner time had forgotten the episode - needs to stop waking me up at 4AM.
      Although that soft big paw stroking my cheek is pretty incredible.

      And kitty kisses on my shoulders.

      But I have to always remember - he will then try to bite my knuckles.

People tell me they get tired just reading my stories. Now you know why I take naps.

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