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Amber Waves of Green

2011 Story Set

      Date April 6, 2011
      While headed south to San Diego , where I do not sneeze, and do not need allergy stuff, and where I have insulated walls, central heat and air, and where I have an open yard, I looked up during the mad race to the I5 exit, and saw - green water.
      The wind was rippling through the tall grass, tall because of the recent hurricane-level rains we have been having.
      It was green water.
      It was dangerous to look at it, when hurtling along in a metal box at 70+ MPH and surrounded with 18-wheelers and others in a mad race to get out of Dodge.
      I looked anyway. And watched as I made the turn and found the grass waving all down the road.
      It may not have been a grain field, but it was spectacular.
      I have watched trees dance in wild contortions while gripping the wheel of the Tacoma in both hands. I have been buffeted by wildly rolling, hurtling really, tumbleweeds, while trying to stay in one lane and make progress belied by what the speedometer and odometer are reading.
      This time, the wind wasn't so bad, the traffic wasn't so heavy, and I was delighted and cheered by the rippling green water of the waving, rippling grasses.


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