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Box Switching on DirectTV

2011 Story Set


Date April 5, 2011

      Well, I tried.
      I had a power surge, from which we are still recovering. The G5 is sort-of back up and running. (Took my son a couple of hours.) How many software pieces died I have no idea. But they have to die anyway (moved to the iMac). I need to get it its own bits and license (prob another lic. for Office.) I do want the scanning software to work there since the scanner I have and the iMac are not happy campers. (Different CPU on the iMac). And QuarkXpress doesn't run on the iMac. (Not until I figure out how to replace the disk.) The Canon camera window WAS operational on the G5 --- no more. It can't recognize the camera.
      I probably need to run TechTools Delux.
      The only OTHER piece of equipment to die in the surge was the Direct TV receiver. Not the DVR, the other one. It will not turn ON, never mind do anything. The TV - runs just fine - except - no signal. Hmmm - aerial? (no joy)
      Busy, I have no time to hassle with Direct TV. And tonight, I have no idea what their number is - since I have no phone and therefore no DSL line.
      But, I had two units not in use in San Diego. So I thought, grab them. Swap. Voila!
      Well, no. Even though I diligently checked all the connections, and SWAPPED the cards, the unit knows what its card number should be. Bummer! And the account knows what the card number should be, so the old card from SD won't work on the account. The new card from Fremont won't work in the receiver.
      Rats! So now, after I get my DSL fixed (and upgraded), and the land line removed (unless they will give me lifeline service), I still will have to call the tech support Mickey-Mouse line for DirectTV - or maybe I will just call customer service and see about changing the card number for the account. Using my Verizon Cell since my AT&T DSL is down. (Sound familiar?)
      I can do the DirectTV phone number look-up at the office.
      I could even call and say --- hey --- How do we change the receiver? New number for the unit? New card altogether? Change the card activation? What?
      I thought it would be so easy - just use the normal card. They can tell which card is on-line.
      Nothing in my life is easy.
      Oh well. I do pay that extra charge to make sure I have constant service --- even if there is nothing on TV to watch!
      It's 11PM and the DSL line returned. Oh good. Something's working



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