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2011 Story Set


       I haven't gotten used to the CS4 or the CS5 and now here comes CS5.5 - Adobe Creative Suite of course. Gotta keep up - sort of. These days I focus on work, my beagles and then my writing. And I AM writing.

       My novel Rollover, one of my HOT COPS, was pleasantly rejected - the editor read a "few hundred pages", which got her through that hot first sex scene that had my writing group fanning themselves. If she could buy Erotic Romance ---- if only. She said where I should try to sell it. And that it was a good book. She was "surprised it hadn't sold". So I need to decide, which of the two sellers she recommended would be better to try - or - and there is a big or - maybe I should self-publish straight to Kindle.

       Meanwhile, it is in the hands of an agent. Who needs to get back to me. Writing is patience and a lot of waiting. In the meantime, I am taking three self-paced writing classes and am falling behind. And I have another book on craft I am reading to finish.

       The problem is the puppies want constant attention - worse than children!

       And I am exhausted from the Casey Anthony fiasco. Yeah, she did it. and yeah, she got away with murder. If there had been something they could have convicted her on - but - she kept the body hidden and the disappearance unknown for long enough for all DNA and all tissue to vanish. Not to mention dropping it in sea water. I certainly hope that she doesn't profit from her hideous behavior.

       And - tired from that - I was anxious to watch the opening of the Closer. Oh crap! Discrimination (actually reverse discrimination) and the same kind of harassment on the job that I have lived through for over 42 years paraded across the screen. It was upsetting.I ate chocolate to cope. And then they pulled a jaw dropper which will drive me home early next Monday to sit glued to the set to see what next! I had wine after that!

       I do think that the Jon Tenney (did I spell that right) line was fantastic. She's running off about pins in her eyes, how she's worked hard and been unappreciated (sounds familiar) and on and on. He pipes up (from the bed) "I appreciate you - and I'm naked." Fantastic line! What words are needed after that????

       Another show I liked was Bones but last year they changed her from having evolved into a sometimes quirky character to being a total dunce head (went backwards) - changed her hairstyle (ugly) and made her into a caricature. Thank God for NCIS! I gave up on CSI - all of them.

       Now that the Casey thing is over (can we stop dragging it up people???) maybe I can settle down a bit. I am halfway through the 12 seasons of Inspector Frost (A Touch of Frost) . (DVD) And am now starting the books. Also the books that produced the George Gently Series. God Bless the BBC! And now Midsomer Murder set 18 coming in September. And they are filming George Gently in Britain - Series 4 - yea!



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