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Fabio Takes a Run with Old Spice

2011 Story Set


July 24, 2011

      Wednesday it all started. Four videos, deliberately written to be high-camp, using Fabio as the "NewOldSpiceGuy". I knew this was coming. I thought I was ready.

      Oh hell no! First, I now have the two Fabio websites (www.FabioIFC.com and www.FabioINC.com), the Yahoo Group, and the Official Fabio International Fan Club "Group' under my FaceBook page. That's four places to post alerts and updates.

      An update is not just post a link and be done. I have to get set-up. I go to the video. Sound OFF. I have SnagIT ready. Select a frame. Screen capture to jpg. Open Photoshop. Re-save for Web. Resize. Save a Thumbnail for the web. Select next video. Repeat.

      Open file folder for the website under target. Put copies of the images and thumbnails into the appropriate folder. I use the year as the marker. These are 2011.

      Open Dreamweaver. Open the index page. Commence image insert. Place all the thumbnails where I want them, spaced apart. On the properties window, link the webpage - if this is a video. For print, link the larger image. Put some label in the ALT site. Set the Border. Repeat.

      So first, there were f our. I did this for the two websites. I flashed the yahoo group. I flashed the FaceBook page.

      I told them - "Updated". I was done.

      Not quite! They hadn't said - "Oh, these will dribble out...."

      So here comes video 5. Then 6. Then 7. Then 8. And then, by Saturday, when I had a long, long, long SVRWA meeting, a fellow member gave me ------ a newspaper page and a print ad! WHAT???? (SVRWA is the Silicon Valley Romance Writer's of America chapter, and I am currently President.)

      By the time I was home on Saturday, I was pooped. But, I am a good little girl. All 200 lbs of me. And I hit the ground running after freeing the beagles. I found the new 4 videos and there are THREE print ads. The Print ads are drop-dead gorgeous! Here's my favorite.

      Hours later, wiping the drool off my chin, I have re-updated the two websites, posted a zillion comments, deleted one person from the FB group for really continual bitching and derogatory comments (every now and then you get someone looking for a forum - not a fan club site!) . Updated the FB page a few times and the Yahoo group. I also am fielding requests for media interviews, etc from as far away as Australia. People want his agent - they find me. I ship the requests to the office as soon as I get them and reply to them (the requestor) that I have done that.

      At 1:30AM. when I got up and put the dogs out for a potty break exhausted, (I had fallen asleep), I had to go check the sites and the FB and the email before I could put the dogs back in and go dive back under the covers.

      However, while talking (emailing) with the reporter who thought I worked for him (this is a HOBBY people), I had an epiphany. Why in heavens name haven't I published my little book of humor---"Adventures in Stalking Fabio"???????

      Hmmmmm. Guess I needed a kick in the butt. Excuse me while I go soak my wrists.



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