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2011 Story Set


Date: April 1, 2011 

     Ever notice how at certain times of the month you get very efficient?
     I seem to.      
     Is it the nesting instinct?      
     Who knows.      
     But - I manage in 2-3 days to do a ton of crap accumulated from the previous month - or more.      
     Things like pay the bills have a deadline.      
     Things like get some more folding bookcases.... don't.      
     Send in the cat's license.      
     The shot had a deadline. Mailing the check didn't seem to.         
     There's get the car serviced (preferably before it breaks down).         
     Get the tires checked at WheelWorks (before you have a flat).         
     Pick up your medication. Since I have back-up spares (wrong dosage but close enough)         
     I let that slide.....       
     Pick up cat and dog food and cat litter and dog treats. Well, when you run out you realize you have a deadline!!       They remind you!   
     Getting milk, eggs, food. Well - I have Medifast in the house. And since I gagged on my salad last night ... won't be doing that in a hurry! So why shop?       
     Salad dressing and draining sinuses - always been a problem.         
     Weed-whack the front yard -- you know - I need to call the landscaper. But the tax bill will make me broke for at least another month!         
     OK - I should weed-whack the front yard.       
     Weed-whacking the back yard is controlled by the puppies and the rain and the sun and the weed growth. Potty pick-up is hard in knee-deep weeds.        
     Washing the kitchen floor --- when something moves I think that's a deadline.       
     Getting someone in to shampoo the carpet - yep - it got away from me!         
Well - has it stopped raining yet??         
     Dumping at least 50% of the clothing on the racks into boxes and getting them out of here.... if I schedule the carpet cleaning that might get that ball rolling.   (Shipped over 16 boxes so far...)    
     Today I unloaded the camera (G5 won't download it but the iMac will and should)   
     I sent in my last assignment for the writing class. 3rd this year.        
     I ordered na ergo keyboard for the iMac (will it help my typing???) and a new ergo mouse (tilted like your hand normally lays, lies, whatever.)         
     I mailed Ranger's license.           
     Yesterday I did the CPA meeting - the tax records are boxed for removal to SD and I know how broke I am.       
     I am still taking books off the hall bookshelf and will pack up a few more tonight as I load the car. Maybe.        
     Yesterday, I picked up the Rx and also a supply of cat and dog food and treats - on the way home.         
     The bills are done.           
     I hit the bank for a transfer and also checked the SAP portal. (in case my company forgets to process my invoices again.)      
     I am, according to my CPA , incredibly organized.   He has no idea!     But I did all the excel spread sheets for the charges and checks. And ID'd all that would be deductible.  
     My house, however, is a mess!         
     I folded up the tax table and chair ----         
     One less thing in the room. Eyeing the tall dark bookcase - almost all books off of it - oh good         
     I am in the incredibly efficient conquer-the-world mode that appears before I drop into a project.       
     Could that be a book?       
     Hope so!!      
     I did not yet load the truck - after 8PM - or perhaps early in the AM - like FIVE!       Anyway, I did order the mouse and keyboard, before I left I sent a summary email of problems were are having on the project at work. Like flames. Well, smoke.      
     I stopped at Orchard even though they NO LONGER HAVE THE FOLDING BOOKCASES!!!! I needed parts for the Toro weed-whip ("Trimmer"). Well, they had the spool , but I also wanted a spool cap (they break easily and they jam and they are a mess).       
     The Toro website was a bloody incomplete incompetent mess. I sent a complaint.
     I know what the part is and a 3rd party has them. I will get one if I cannot free the jammed cap from the Toro that caught fire.      
     I do burn through them.      
     I got gas - first pump failed. So, did the numb-nuts shut down my Visa? I will know tomorrow. (Buy gas twice in one day - they shut down your card.)  

     I decided - eat, settle pups - sleep - load truck in the morning. EARLY. Means I will actually put stuff into the truck this evening even when I promised myself no.  Maybe wine can calm me down.

     Next week, I need to solve the problem of the damn doctor that wants me off Estrogen - oh hell no!  We tried that experiment once before. Took four years to get rid of the muscle and it turned into fat I am now fighting. Messed me up a lot! Sick of this mess. Need a new doctor. Preferably an older one.

     I DO NOT like being treated via statistical tables!



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