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Time to Upgrade at the Office ...

2011 Story Set


August 30, 2011

      Ordered software at work - thru the proper channels - FrameMaker X and Adobe X Pro (already bought them for my home PC) - they "discourage people buying what they need and expensing it." I did that when I first got here - TWO FrameMaker licenses. On my credit card. Since I am not an employee (I am a vendor) - I had to be given a personal check by my boss who then expensed it. OK. Not cool. But damned efficient. I was up and running before the ink was dry. Since I do the register documents --- lots of them -- big documents --- and then next one will be 750 -1,000 pages perhaps (unless I am very very clever - and I am very very clever - but there is a limit) - I want the software switch NOW.
      - Got a PO approved - called IT (in Israel - of course - so friggin' handy!) A HELP desk out of the country. These people didn't know what a blue screen of death was. It's the screen just before you convince them to upgrade your hardware - pre-disk crash.
      - They "can't find the serial number for Acrobat X Pro" (hidden in some secret location) - they did manage to find which server the software install was parked on. In the process - I saw Illustrator 8 (whoa!) (8? Illustrator is currently CS55 of whatever package you have - I am CS5.5 - newly acquired.) A little out of step are we?
      Someone who could actually FIND the serial number is "on vacation" - I am told that I can wait - OH NO I CAN'T - I am starting two BIG projects - NOW would be good!
      Cannot find anything past FrameMaker 7.2  on the company servers (I am currently using 9)  - never mind finding THAT serial number
      Note that I am not controlling my screen for this exercise - IT is - and they can't find it! I am watching them log in and hunt! (They pay me to sit and watch someone stumble around my system and the IT network.) (For the non-techie - IT means "Information Technology" - an oxymoron.)
      WHERE DO THEY FIND THESE PEOPLE!!!! (smoke out of ears!)
      Last time they installed crap (their FM9 install failed - three times)  - I went to Adobe - explained the problem - as a company I can do that -
      and managed to get the secret decoder ring to the hidden web area for the company I do work for and downloaded my own damn software!  (Smooth talker that I am) (Adobe at least knew the PO) Took me minutes and I was up and running. If I had grabbed upgrade disks f rom Fry's I would be up and running. This time, I am not - up and running. Two days later.
      Here's a thought ----
      I have the DVDs for this software for the home system --- can I install them and just use a new serial number??? Theirs? Provided that they can find it?
      Oh that's right - "he's on vacation" - 6500 people or more (I don't keep track) and "He's on vacation". Because back-up is a foreign concept.

      Oh yes - IT lost track of who has what ---- so when you upgrade they are trying to start over (making you pay for and buy a full version instead of the cheaper upgrade) so they can keep records now ... (show me walking off shaking my head. ...)


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