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It's Time to Start Writing Again

      2012 Story Set

 January 26, 2012

      It's time to start writing again. As old age screws up the neurons from brain to fingers, auto-correct will be depended on to keep me sane.

      It's time to start writing again. As old age screws up the neurons from brain to fingers, auto-correct will be depended on to keep me sane.

      It's the lazy - pinkie finger that produces double capital letters. And speed typing slows down because the two hands are - not quite in sync! AND is often written as NAD. AN ' often is written as a ; and so contractions are a royal pain. Spaces appear where they do not belong. And on and on.

    Never mind carpel tunnel. When the fingers, wrist or elbow seem a little off, one must get off the keyboard. If I do extensive mouse work at the office, I must stay off the keyboard for hours when I get home. And then I am exhausted.

      No wonder my editor said "quit your job". It is certainly being considered. Once I refi the Fremont house, pay down the loan, I can --- do what? Not retire!

      I have a fixed table (never ever do a lot of typing on a "keyboard tray". Several of them. They bounce and reverberate and you will regret it! Also do not type on a desk-height (29") table. You need 26". You need a proper chair. A tented keyboard. (I have them at work and home.) And an ergo mouse. And even then.

      Don't forget getting UP OUT OF THE CHAIR! Every 60 -90 minutes. Now if I could remember to do that....

      Of course, the best defense is not to type on a PC. Get a MAC. Unfortunately, since Microsoft bundled software for so long, companies went PC. (Even though the cost of maintenance on a PC is way higher than if a company went MAC.) It was extensive hard work on a PC that gave me Carpel Tunnel. (Gee. Thanks Bill Gates!)

      I know people who had surgery - doesn't work. One woman was put on disability and cannot touch a computer ever again. Her career was as an illustrator. She tried a couple other professions, but none paid nearly as well and she was a divorced mother with kids to take care of.

      I know another writer than can only work so many days or hours at a time and that may end. $$$$ in medical expenses.

      I am trying hard not to be in the group!

      I bought Dragon - have no idea where it ended up. I spent hours training one - on a PC. But there is so much effort and it is not great. Maybe it is better now. I will try it again. After the costly braces are removed so my tongue and teeth can get reacquainted!

      I can tell a great story. It's getting it down on "paper". OK - time to write again.


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