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It's Moving Day

2012 Story Set

June 15th, 2012
      It's moving day ---- and my second office at SanDisk has been moved --- downstairs. (I am, I believe, the only roaming "contractor" with multiple computers and multiple offices. Drives IT nuts. If it bugs the guys in IT, think how confusing it is for me!)
      First of all, nobody has moved anything yet today (they are late) and I see the guys around me packing up. I don't even have a box. But my personal stuff is sitting in the Tacoma in the parking lot, because I trust no one, and this includes my cup and the jar of instant coffee.
      I am resilient so I unplug everything. I had powered down last night. I grab the power strip, since I love power strips. In case of surge etc. The cords are dangling from the strip. I grab the CPU. Very light for such a big box and supposedly high power.
      (Dell Optiplex 790, i7-2600 CPU 3.4GHz with 4GB RAM and running 32-bit op-sys. It is not the fastest thing on the block. [Ain't the clock speed people - it's the architecture!])
      I was recently FORCED onto Windows 7 from XP at the office - for no particular reason that I can see - XP was running just fine- so I have set up the OS to look like the XP. I really hate the "transparent" windows - what moron thought that up???? I also hate the damn 3-D "folders" - probably the same moron.)
      It does have lots and lots of USB ports. Wish the iMac did! This is a Dell. And Dells are fussy over where you plug in the USB connect to the keyboard. I stick the Dell CPU box in the back of my chair, load up the power strip and cords and grab my two pocketbooks - one is a satchel with the tented keyboard and mouse and of course the mouse pad dangling from it. The satchel is heavier than the CPU.
      I roll the chair and its load to the elevator, and ride downstairs, find my office (no desk) and roll in the chair.
      Back upstairs, I grab the 30" screen. (They are NOT that heavy and I am in excellent condition arm wise.) The guys insist I NOT carry it downstairs (and then they promptly carried theirs downstairs). I stick it in a chair. The arms sort-of brace the screen. The monitor stand is one I dislike since it can easily slide the monitor up and down, way too easily! (We are stealing chairs - OK OK relocating them.) I roll this prize down to my new area.
      I get them to move the computer table. (Honest to God they used a BIG dolly to do this. I would have grabbed one trestle leg in a headlock and carried the puppy down.)
      So far, so good.
      They decide to bring in an available wooden desk --- I had been using a new one --- this one has paint on it. Guess I can spill coffee, yogurt and ink on it with impunity!
      Assembly time.
      I am in another conference room and there will be someone added sometime. In the meantime, I am in the room with a GIANT DELL printer that is "fast". Since it has been idle all day, that was a big waste of money! But --- the printer sits on a desk, and had a chair.
      Interestingly enough, when I asked for a second ergo chair - I got a boatload of grief. I have worked for SanDisk over 6 years! They never brought the chair.
      The PRINTER has an ergo chair.
      Not any more!
      It's mine now!
      They brought me phone and cords - but the port is a no go.
      But I am all hooked up, after figuring out which "furthest to the left" USB port was needed for my tented keyboard.
      No email. No internet. But after lunch perhaps.
      It is noisy. There is machinery in the next room. The guys sit outside my door in BRIGHT BLUE (need sunglasses) LOW cubes you can see over when sitting. They first thing they did is get them rearranged (this takes an hour or so per cube) and to remove the overhead cabinets. They are convinced they will fall down.
      Turns out, someone was leaning on a counter in a cube - that had been improperly rearranged so one end was unsupported, and the whole thing fell down. Of course it did. That's why you don't rearrange them. They are all hooks and brackets.
      I have been told it smells like dirty socks. It is overly warm. And the guys like it that way.
      I said I would wear summer clothes. I didn't warn them that I would be face down on the keyboard if you get me overheated.
      I had a greeting in my new home. Turns out a momma duck raised 13 babies in the fake pond and they are fledged and hunting food. And I will come in with duck food next week. Adorable. I think I might call animal rescue too since they shouldn't have been here. I worry about a certain segment of the population that raids decorative ponds and kills swans and ducks. For dinner. And there are male ducks that have been messing with the female and her brood.
      Meanwhile, while everyone is fussing over the office rearrangements, I went and asked for a set of drawers for my desk. Aha! (I was supposed to have drawers....) Found a set. I now have a pedestal. And my coffee and diet food and other crap now has a home.
      The microwave and water service aren't in the break room yet either so I get hot water upstairs and bring it down, very carefully, along with a wastepaper basket. Need one. Have one now!
      Next task is to the get port activated. So I hunted down someone - found where IT normally hides - no joy. And then I was told I needed to file a ServiceNow ticket (done on-line) to be hooked up --- on-line!
      OK. Someone is obviously not overly bright here and it isn't me!
      I finally found someone who is on-line to file the request for me --
      Now I need to figure out how to lower the blinds.
      When can I run out for duck food?

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