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March 16, 2013 - OK - I need a new template

Sipping coffee in the kitchen - movement caught my eye - a youngish spider dropping from the ceiling...... oh hell no! Took three times to catch the beast (they die if inside my house - I hate bugs in my house!) I have beam ceilings --- I have drop-ins occasionally. I generally don't need coffee after that!

My dogs dribble dust and leaves and debris from outside in the kitchen - sweeping is not a catch-all. I need a new filter for the Dysan since I have not been successful in washing it (3 tries) --- my new solution? ELECTRIC LEAF BLOWER! Open the back door and flip the switch! Some people on FaceBook think this is a great idea. So do I.

I've already tried it.

Good for cat hair in the garage too.....

I may try the living room carpet next.......

I checked my email....

Your QVC Order Has Shipped!

I ordered this item so long ago that I forgot about it!
Order Date: 07/28/12
SURPRISE! They didn't!

I have a vegematic - 64 oz container - doesn't fit under the counter. So --- when they came up with 48oz - I went hunting - they were busy selling the entire unit (around $300)

My motor is fine!
I had been tempted to buy the 48 oz and give Chuck the 64 oz There are some Medifast shakes that require a high-speed motor!

I walked the dogs - at 1:30 PM. I was in sweats. It was hot. I was dripping after 2 miles of that exercise! So I stripped.

I was also drowsy. Probably from staying up late reading the last of my DCI Banks books (Peter Robinson is the author) - and today I plan to re-watch the PBS episodes - for some reason I didn't get the pilot recorded - damn damn damn and no DVDs in sight!

So I flopped on the sofa - the beagles napping on the patio sofa. ZONK!

About 90 minutes later.....

Cat running.

First alert.

I went - oh no!

I am bra-less, no make up, drowsy, short shorts and tank top, barely covers the fat gut I carry around - a spare tire that could almost support the truck. I am barelegged and bare foot (with the lovely newly-arrived bunions that are in their early stages...) My hair wild. No make up.


I stumble to the door - peek out the curtain. It's someone in uniform. My mind is boggled.

I am braless and perky - permanently perky - and the little buggers, reduced and lifted years ago, have regrown and traveled to my waist again where they seem to want to be. Short of removal and replacement with anchored implants.....which I am seriously considering.

It's another cute cop!

I cannot open the door - not widely! (I am hiding behind whatever cover I have to answer questions. Something about a woman they are looking for next door.


When he leaves - I look in the mirror. He must have a stong constitution. I would scare zombies.

I combed my hair and put on clothes - jeans, top, and a BRA. I stepped into shoes.

I went out - THREE COPS. At least TWO cruisers. I get a wave.

I watered potted plants and after they left I weeded - filled a 32-gallon can. The chores I was SUPPOSED to be doing when I crashed on the sofa to cool down.

Also after they left, the new widow (the coach up the street died) came limping down so we could discuss WTF was going on. Turns out - plainclothesmen had been around for several hours this morning. I missed that!

(After posting to FB, I had people tell me they wanted to hang out with me. I have all these cop and firemen adventures..... right!)

I am calling the hairdresser right now - or else I am dying my hair (too much gray and white showing). I need to get a Yummy Tummy thing or start wearing my Spanx. Try using the $300 worth of diet food (Medifast). Put make-up on first thing in the morning.

A shower would be good.

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