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      I am - for now - not working for anyone but me

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Sept 14, 2013

      What does that mean?

      That I need to focus on my writing.

      I need to get up before 8AM.

      I need to have a routine for the dogs and cats.

      I need to remember to shower after walking the dogs, even if I don't need make-up.

      That I need a schedule to follow.

      I am working for myself - literally. I am a company. And it is time to start selling, posting and getting my planned excursion into full time writing a reality.

      The cat is beside herself.

      The dogs are confused.

      And I am amazed at the collection of stories and notes and classes and - well - you name it.

      And in the middile of spreading my wings - my doctor informed me that - it is not a sprained muscle. I need my hip repaired.

      I have the bones of an 18 year-old.

      I have no cartiledge.

      Well, not a lot. Eight weeks ago I lost the ability to give myself a pedicure on the left foot. I have a struggle to put a sock on the left foot. The pain if the dog leaps at me on that side - around 11! I see stars! I can roll over at night and wake up stifling a scream.

      So I thought - muscle - I tore one before and they did nothing. Sent me home to "live with the pain" - which eventually - months later - went away.

      So I went to a new doctor determined to solve this inconvenient problem.

      He said, "hard to put a sock?" To which you can add, tie a shoe, do a pedicure, and I had found I had a rolling gait and was limping some of the time. It was noticed at work. It was freaking me out.

      He had said the problem could be one of nine different things - he asked key questions - did an X-Ray.

      Oct 3 I will have a 2-hour surgery to repair/replace the left hip - we haven't done the pre-op meeting yet.

      I am also trying to solve the digestive mess. I am on a Gluten-free diet or will be soon. I live on Immodium AD. Lomotil. And the next step is a diaper. Waiting to see the test results. Many tests. I am on a restriced diet. Moving from carbs (used to fight acid) to gluten free junk (bleah). No coffee! No chocolate! No wine! No milk! (Well, I had figured that out and used lactaid pills.)

      To survive this - I am developing a schedule and tracking system. I the boss will nag me the employee.

      This is going to be a bumpy ride.



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