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Last Edit June 11, 1998

Top 10 Uses for MacAddict Magazine

Printed in MacAddict Vol. 1, Number 3, Nov. 1996, pg. 10.

Last Edit June 1998

  1. Make wallpaper out of its articles for the outside of your office ---- especially articles like "Stand by Your Mac". This gives roaming executives something intelligent to read.

  2. Use it as a mousepad for the 486 they shoved into your office to remind yourself that there is a better way.

  3. Use it to swat Windows users if they get too close to your Mac equipment.

  4. Make a sun screen out of one for your truck when on a Boy Scout outing. Kids need positive role models.

  5. Figure out which game ads to hide from your kid while you try to save up for his/her new power Mac.

  6. Use MacAddict to figure out how powerful that Mac will need to be to play those games.

  7. Expired MacAddict demo CDs make great stands for all those pewter dragons my son uses to stand guard over his Mac. This practice followed the trauma of being forced to use Windows at school.

  8. Figure out just how much you have to save to get your own modem and Power Mac now that the kid has taken over your system.

  9. Expired MacAddict CDs make great coasters for the summer drinks you'll need after you total the bill. At least my older son now buys his own Mac equipment.
    Read it often to remind yourself you are not alone. There really are other Mac users out there. Trust me.

  10. Where else could you learn about vibrating joy sticks?

    Top 10 Ways to Know You're a A MacAddict!

Submitted June 11, 1998 Unpublished

  1. You spend months planning your next Mac purchase - and two hours buying a car.

  2. You plan to add "must be allowed to use a Mac" on your next job application.

  3. When your company went Windows NT, you made them match all your Mac software (as much as was possible!) - and then went out and bought a Mac notebook anyway. (And updated your resume.)

  4. You have priced a 20" color monitor for your notebook, and added a mouse and expanded keyboard. It no longer fits in a briefcase.

  5. You still use your trusty old MacIIci with Turbo 601 PowerMac accelerator, with its new 1Gig drive, flatbed scanner, 1Gig external drive, CD drive, 200MB Syquest drive, 32Meg RAM, 14.4 modem, 20" grayscale and 12" color monitors and 600dpi laserjet printer --- to write memos. You'll add more RAM as soon as your sons tell you how.

  6. You own PhotoShop 3.0, 4.0 and will soon add 5.0 and have at least three added plugins and use them to do websites for fun. (Fabio's!) Adobe and MacroMedia send e-mail to your home.

  7. You're an engineer who would rather attend a Web Conference than attend DAC.

  8. Your computer's traveling case is more expensive than your luggage.

  9. You subscribe to more computer magazines than any other category of reading material. (MacWorld. MacAddict.)

  10. You can't wait for your stock to go up so you can have a fully-equipped 248 Mbyte G3 Minitower --- to write memos.

Top 10 Ways to Know Your Son is a MacAddict!

Submitted June 11, 1998

  1. You have a paid up subscription to MacAddict --- and haven't seen an issue for six months!

  2. His price for doing chores is a new G3 - even though his Performa is only 18 months old.

  3. He plans to take over your MacIIci and hook it up to his system to play multi-user games.

  4. He is planning to run Ethernet cables though the ceiling and across the attic to reach your HP laserjet printer --- even though he has a color inkjet of his own. (And he has access to your power drill.)

  5. His Christmas list consists of computer games, flight simulators and hardware - Top Gun would recruit him if he wasn't 6'2".

  6. For his birthday you plan to give him the Intel Inside voodoo doll - and he knows what it is.

  7. His favorite wall hanging is the G3 notebook shark ad - and he's 16.

  8. He is out pricing scanners instead of cars - and he's 16.

  9. The Zip drive and 10 zip cartridges you bought for your Mac have never been seen since delivery. He has funny bulges in his pockets.

  10. He has a joy stick.

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