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 My Hidden Sugar and Carbs - Exposed

      2015 Story Set

Or How to Sabotage Your Diet

      I was being good - why wasn’t I losing weight?
      Then the morning show showed hidden sugars you never think to check on
      Like 13 grams to 21 grams of SUGAR in that Yogurt I used to faithfully eat daily
      Even without any help - the extra 7g sugar adds 2 pounds a year
      Raises your blood sugar counts
      Throws off your dietSo what else does?
      What is my hidden indulgence and why it explains that spare tire and that bulging stomach?
      I discovered that I CAN tolerate a Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso (I just can’t spell it)
      So from there - I migrated back to CAFE MOCHA - bottled - and then discovered the “Protein” version of Doubleshot.
      And my gut remains protruding and I am sliding back toward 1X - was near to L and was wearing XL. No. I am throwing away 1X.
      I am serious!
      Why am I not losing? Because 1/3 of my daily calories come from —- and I was oblivious to this - the cream in my coffee!

      Doubleshot Expresso Canned

      140 g Calories
      6 g Total Fat
      3.5g Saturated Fat

      20mg Chloresteral
      70mg Sodium
      18g Carbohydrate
      17g Sugar

      I’ve been drinking one a day spread out over the day
      I knew calories - takes a magnifying glass to read the rest
      There is a light version - which I DO NOT tolerate (the low fat substitutes mess me up)

      Vanilla Bean Coffee + Protein

      I grabbed because I need PROTEIN - 60g a day
      I drink this in sips over 2-3 days. Sneaky damage. I do this because the heat is killing me.
      I fall asleep by 1PM. Right now the high temps leave me with a headache. And then my eyes burn. And then I get nothing done!
      So I grab coffee. Because we have been conditioned to grab coffee

      200 Calories
      2.5g Total Fat
      1.5g Saturated fat

      10mg Chloresteral
      120mg Sodium
      34g Carbohydrate
      21g Sugar

      20g Protein

      Mocha - large Bottle

      This is also a sip it over 2-3 days - not when sipping the protein version
      Too much would make me ill. I was off this - then it crept back into my “dietary choices”

      260 Calories
      40g Total Fat
      4.5g Saturated fat

      20mg Chloresteral
      140mg Sodium
      44g Carbohydrate
      45g Sugar

      9g Protein

      Mocha Light - small bottle

      I don’t find the Light version in the large bottle in the grocery stores
      I buy it once in awhile - but they had a sale….I am a sucker for a sale.
      Reading the table is a trick and a half! And I drink 1/2 a day.

      100 Calories
      3g Total Fat
      2g Saturated fat

      15mg Chloresteral
      95mg Sodium
      44g Carbohydrate
      11g Sugar

      6g Protein

      I don’t drink all of them - the protein and the bottled are an either - or but I do drink a can of Doubleshot a day
      when I started it was 1/2 a can. It is addictive
      I have a supply.
      I will curb my habit at once and use it as a measurable treat and pick me up.
      Find a plain no cream or sugar real coffee.

      Now to evaluate the Chai Latte - Keurig Machine I also drink once a day. Also addicted.

      60 Calories
      20 Calories from fat
      2.5g Total Fat
      2.5g Saturated fat

      0mg Chloresteral
      170mg Sodium
      9g Carbohydrate
      7g Sugar

      1g Protein

      Well, that needs to go too.

      For those interested - since Starbucks was spotty and doesn't show the nutrition in all products - get oin it Starbucks! - I took the numbers from the cans and bottles themselves. I had to - in one case- go to the 15x magnifying mirror in my bathroom and jockey the 3-panel mirror to be able to read the label! No wonder it escaped my notice.

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