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   California Water Restrictions, Comment On

      2015 Story Set

 Date April 1, 2015

    They want a 25% reduction in water use.
    I got rid of my spa a couple years back. (I used to drain it on the trees.)
    I stopped taking deep baths two years back even though they help the arthritis. (Jacuzzi tub.)
    I don't shower every day any more. (Evidently that's a trend.) Unless there is a valid reason. Special shower heads and short showers. Antiperspirant and bath powder. A spritz of scent. Unless you are covered in mud or sweating like a marathon runner. And the mud can come off under a hose while standing in the garden.
    I try not to wash my hair more than once a week. (That's good for your hair.)
    I removed the automated sprinkler system from my yard. The Cedar fire had killed most of it anyway. Melted, twisty sprinkler heads.
    I killed my lawns. Grass killer. Weed killer. All my lawns. I mow weeds once or twice a year. Grass wants water every other day. We don't have water for that.
    I have a succulent and low-fuel barrier against canyon fires. They do just fine.
    I water trees and shrubs every 4 weeks if they are lucky and I remember.
    I have some potted plants which will be set among the succulents so the pots can drain and water other plants or trees. I try to catch the flowers before they wilt. Well, totally wilt.
    I have 3 brand new power-flush low-water-usage toilets. Which replaced the earlier version of low water toilets. Which 10 years ago replaced the first version of low flush toilets. These latest are the best.
    I still try not to flush every time, depending.
    I haven't washed my truck in 3 years or more. Maybe 4. I forget. I will hose down bug splat but I am not driving up and down the I5 for the nonce.
    I now sweep debris off the driveway or ignore it.
    I drink bottled diet Gatorade and wash dishes by hand - and not every day. Mostly when they try to crawl out of the sink.
    Run the dishwasher maybe once a week. Or 2 weeks. Maybe once a month. It's lived its whole life running once a month. When I would visit.
    Very seldom if ever do I run a laundry load that is not FULL. I do try to remember to wash clothing towels and sheets once in awhile! Certain standards are needed.
    I repair water leaks as soon as discovered. ($800 plumbing bill when I moved down here last year - fixed EVERYTHING. Inside and out.)
    I have lost a couple trees and shrubs to drought - trying to drag the rest along.             Trimmed and cut things back to help them survive.
    Time the sprinkler (on the hose) to 20 minutes every 4 weeks. Been doing every 6 and never when it has rained. More than a sprinkle. Spirtting from a cloud does not count.
    4 weeks - if you lose the lawn and water everything else once every 4 weeks - 20 minutes per cycle - we can probably do better than 25%. Take out the grass people! I think even golf courses should put down artificial turf. Or use the reporposed cement (recyled crush cement).
    Potted plants also do well on recycled water from your dish water. I learned that while doing dishes on the back deck during the remodel.
    Use biodegradable soap.
    As you can see, I have already done everything they could possibly ask me to do and still have a certain quality of life.
    I have practiced water conservation since the 1980s and the first time we had a drought hit. Trained my boys too.
    On paper it does't look like I cut back - Because I was already cut back.
    Join me.


And next time they want bonds to raise money for water desalination projects - say yes!

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