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FALLOUT - Bye Bye Advertisers

Date: November 3, 2016

The effect of over-saturation of political ads is that I NO LONGER get up and turn on the news - I voted weeks ago.

I get up and turn on ID or country music. I watch DVDs - I have whole series on them. Background noise. No ads.

Shows I have watched as a ritual - gone.

And - like most people - I always had the TV tuned to the same stations daily and have sort-of watched the same shows day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. Humans get into ruts. Complacent.

(Sometimes too tired to do anything else - sometimes it's white noise)

So no more Good Morning America.

No more LIVE with whomever she has as a co-host.

No more the View. It's still recording - I loved Whoopi and Joy. Not worth listening to the lame-brains that are also on the show.

No more CNN or HSN.

I'm watching episodes of cops and troopers and justice and ID and forensic files.

And if an ad pops up - my control is near me and I ping right off that station.

Google on-line News lets me get to a story if one catches my attention. Maybe. Advertisers there too. Be careful what you click.

CNN messed up their web page - so it's on the delete list.

And after this farce ends?

I won't be going back to those shows.

I am actually transitioning back to listening to the RADIO. Reading BOOKS! GASP!

Considering killing DirectTV. Seriously considering.

Bye Bye advertisers.

I block you on FaceBook too.

LinkedIN has so many I stopped using it.

I have high-level SPAM filters on my emails.

Click-bait ads and even trending topics - jaundiced eye and read over them (in other words - I don’t see them)

I wonder how many people are evaluating their habits as result of all the nasty dirty tricks ads. They have fallen to a new low.

I grew up with the radio on first thing in the morning and listening to the news.

We all broke that habit.

Time to break the TV habit?

Reconnect to our actual world?

After all, the TV shows want you to go on-line to their site, their FB page, follow them on Twitter, and other nonsense. No. If you don't put news on news shows - you aren't a news show.

And for heaven's sakes, put normal clothing on the weather girls! (Line up a bunch of photos and take a look. Cookie-cutter looks. Same overly tight one size too small sleeveless too-short skirt with the black box strapped to their leg. Really? Tight sheath dresses are not even in style. It's layers and floaty stuff.) They dress in these things - a costume - even when it's cold!

Don't get me started in the stupid practice of putting a newscaster in the flood waters, in front of the tornado, in the hurricaine and getting wind-blown, in front of the fire, standing on a beachfront and getting hit by waves, etc. etc. Really? Do we need to make a law to stop that stupidity? Really?




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