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I do not call this a "blog". I have resisted for decades doing that. I still resist. I am losing....

Donnamaie's Diary - 2017

Donnamaie's Diary - 2016

Donnamaie's Diary - 2015

  • Funny noises in the kitchen - which I was ignoring...... You should never ignore funny noises coming from your appliances! March 3, 2015

  • eBOOK ASSEMBLY - you wrote a book, now what is all the other crap you have to put with it before you format it and release it? It seems to be a well-guarded secret. A little detective work can help. Here's what I found. March 2015.

    • Note: eBooks open on the first word in the book and when I read the last word I go straight to the library. I miss all these additional pages unless I deliberately go looking for them. Doesn't matter if they are in the front (ahead of the manuscript) or in the back. Bettcha you do that too.

The contractors are reduced to occasional interruptions. The $35K + kitchen is PERFECTION.

Donnamaie's Diary - 2014

2014: Shoveling out from under the move. Adjusting to my new schedules. I have been writing - but posting on facebook and email. Need to fall back and regroup.

Twas the Night before Christmas at My House
a Poem by Clement Moore; Comments by Donnamaie

You Know you are a Mac Addict When . . . Published (some of them) in MacAddict Magazine. From 1998 - which make it even more interesting.


Older Stories

A lot of my older stories are going to be published in collections. Here's some of my favorites.

The hilarious short Essay - The Calendar You Gotta Read This One! (1994) Last Edit 1998. This story appears in the Collection "Adventures in Stalking Fabio" TBP

Working Mother's Morning How a working single mom manages to get to work. This story appears in the Collection of the same name: "Working Mother's Morning" TBP

Men Don't Get tthe Attraction of the Vampire Lover And why women do. (2012)


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