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A retired cop going to speak ….So of course I decide to go - 3:30 - 5:30

May 14, 2016

      It’s on Historical Decanter Rd — 2730 upstairs — A Mystery chapter that has just started back up.

      That is a LONG ride on the freeway from Scripps Ranch.

      First, my gut took off— I had been laying on the sofa reading ALL DAY LONG (heavy overcast) — got up to get dressed and WHAM! The GI track erupted. Bloat. Gas. Belching. Lovely. (I actually now think this is an anxiety attack. I spend days not seeing or speaking to living soul…)

      My truck is below the 1/2 tank mark — I will go anyway. Under 30 miles.

      Medicated myself, packed up and left. Roared down the 15 to the 163 and then across the 8W and—
      Missed the exit.

      I am now passing Sea Word and being dumped on surface streets.

      First - I turn left—because the 8 was NORTH of the place I need to be. I traveled (at 40 MPH) around streets I could only guess I should be on thru parts of town I really don’t want to be in (but at 40MPH - who is going to bother me).

      I spotted Rosecrans—my street—and I take a wild guess—turn left. It turns out—it was the wrong guess.

      I drive around 12 miles and I am back at the 8 freeway, where I should have been if I had properly exited.

      Okay—slide across (they actually let me!) and reach the the number 1 turn lane and U-Turned it and roared off again—this direction free of traffic I could hit the top speed, while the other side and terrible crowded traffic, that I had been sitting in..

      Well—I was going so fast I almost missed the left turn to Roosevelt. Well, I did miss it. I had to—again cross 3 lanes of traffic at a light that allows them and made a U_turn and return to Roosevelt and make the turn and discover—three intersections of 4-way stop signs. I am going to be late.

      It should be noted that when I saw the freeway after the first miss, I was tempted to go home.

      I turned where I should be, and came down the buildings as I had seen on Google Map. I turned into the driveway, and—had to be—can only go RIGHT and the lot looks crowded.

      So I doddle in a big loop and pull to the street-side row and—ONE PARKING SPACE and the truck fit!

      Wandered around looking for an entrance and followed some people—and evidently this old Navy barracks has the door in the BACK. And these people knew where the elevator is so I followed them to that.

      BINGO! The elevator dumps me into the line for sign in and (because by this time I am shaking) the rest room is right there too! There is a little Frakas because I paid the $5 meeting fee with a check that says WhitePubs Enterprises. We got it sorted. Yes - I am a company.

      I got my restroom call and found the room and found a chair I could tolerate and settled in. Turns out —
I actually had 30 minutes to spare because they have a social hour—and I know no one.

      First thing—I spill Gatorade on my new vest. Floaty LOGO vest of a Susan Graver Tunic and a LOGO jacket with a flared below the breast front and back. Women in Control pants. QVC queen.

      Took most of the meeting to stop shaking.

      Turns out — the speaker (TBSmith) was worth it. I need to stop playing with guns. (In my writing.)

      Spent nearly $50

      Retired cop (had an accident that took him off the force) - award winning true crime and crime fiction writer.


I will need lots of wine or maybe boubon may be required to read these but I want to do it.




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