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I Cleaned the Lower Bathroom - You Know the One

Date: July 11, 2017

I have a to do list. Cleaning the lower bathroom - you know the one - the little room where you do your hair (strands and hairspray) - brush your teeth a dozen times a day (splatter, toothpaste, water pic) - Put on deodorant and bath powder (flying mist and dust) - and oh yes - yes, it as a bathroom (pads, paper, and what happens when you flush or wash your hands and shake them dry while hunting a towel) All this leads to a thick coating of DUST that is glued to the floor. (Why I use carpets and washed them last month but never put them back down.)

OK - everybody out (rolling rack, make up bag, spare TP rolls on a stick, portable TP holder, basket, whatever else)
Change clothing because I tried to dress nicely, fat gut and all, and actually have a little make up on and combed my hair.

Barefoot. Two mops - wide and narrow) A spray bottle of Clorox Clean-up. With bleach. A roll of paper towels. Spray and scoop and mop and rinse mop and back again (do not use the bathroom sink to rinse the mop - go to the kitchen - garbage d disposal and scalding hot water) 

After a top-off cleaning, close the toilet lid (after you spray and wipe down the entire toilet) drape yourself over the toilet because that is the ONLY WAY to actually reach and clean the floor behind the toilet in a tiny bathroom. Ads be damned - this is the ONLY WAY. SCRUB. And if my knees hadn't declared that I could no longer get on my hands and knees which any housewife will tell you is the only way to clean a kitchen floor, I’d be on my hands and knees. (Guess they never saw me clean my kitchen in the other house with a leaf blower…) 

Do this carefully (draping yourself on the toilet) esp. when overweight - so you don't de-install the toilet from the floor! 
This takes several paper towels and several applications of Clean-Up and a couple of interesting positions. You basically are hugging the John. 

The mirrors are also treated (3 of 4 walls) with liberal amounts of Windex and more paper towels (which smear a bit - I need to find towels without "additives”)

Last - scrub the counter which collects toothpaste. Face powder. Blush. And eyebrow pencils. (Windex again) 

Put down carpets. 

Replace the portable stuff. 
Discover that if I reverse the rolling cabinet - I have an extra towel rack — oh goody.
Took over an hour. 

It wasn't on my to do list.

It was on several earlier to do lists.
It was on the CALL HASMAT to do list.




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