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Dog Collar Problems? Fingers Not Strong Enough?  

Date: April 18, 2017

Impossible clasp. We have all seen this. Dog collar. Fingers weak and you cannot get the collar off the dog! You cannot open the new collar to put on your dog. Your fingers get strained. You learn a new vocabulary.

Well - I was tired of this and the dogs were getting impatient. It was Easter - time to spruce the pups up! They are girls! They need PINK COLLARS and the ones on them were dingy and old. Faded. I want reflective collars so I can find them in the yard at midnight while trying to get the house shut down for bed. Me and my trusty mag flashlight.

So I tried this:

Slip a nutcracker under the collar - on the dog or off. Center those push sides of the clasp.


POP! It is instantly open!

Now you can repeat for the old collar on the dog. Dress the dog. Everyone happy. (Suky always catches me trying to take a photo of her sleeping. Always!) See the reflective collar in the flash?

Now we need new harnesses. Unfortunately - all I found was the black ones. But I did get new pink leashes. Beagle girls must walk in style!





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