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My iMac Reset (Rebooted) Itself, Again.....

Date: May 24, 2017

There is nothing more unnerving than to be sitting on the sofa (which needs to be taken to the end of the driveway), eating your tiny dish of beef stew (Nutrisystem), and hear your big iMac BONG (because the volume was not turned off) and it merrily decides to reboot. Third time. All recent.

WTF? This causes a mild heart seizure, because you have convinced yourself that it was a case of lazy hand. I thought the deterioration of my ability to type was responsible. The time delay between command and action, the inability to actually close the pinky fingers on either hand - the joints that badly damaged. I thought I was letting the left hand drag and hit a key and reboot. I hit between keys, space-shifted keys, the is hte, and is nad, n't is ;t, is becomes ia, etc. etc.

I was, however, not close nor even on the same side of the room as the iMac.

I have had enough! Okay. Okay. Okay. Let me Google this.

Imagine my surprise and horror to find my question answered! (https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT200553)

OS X: When your computer spontaneously restarts or displays "Your computer restarted because of a problem."

In rare situations, your Mac may do one or more of the following: spontaneously restart, become unresponsive, turn off, display a message "Your computer restarted because of a problem." or display a message "You shut down your computer because of a problem." Mine did all these things.

About unexpected restarts

In rare instances, OS X may encounter an unrecoverable issue affecting all open aps. When this happens, your Mac must be restarted. This is sometimes due to what is known as a "kernel panic" because an underlying part of the operating system (the "kernel") has determined there is an issue that requires a restart.

If your computer experiences a kernel panic, a message may appear for a few seconds explaining that the computer has been restarted: "Your computer restarted because of a problem. Press a key or wait a few seconds to continue starting up." After a moment, the computer continues starting up. 


Evidently one of the software packages is annoying the OS - a "kernel panic" - when the OS panics. That's a good name because a panic is the state I enter at that point. It can be used to identify the errant software. Gee - first thing on my mind when the system clears itself.

Somehow, next time, I am also to search through the code displayed to find the term "Machine Check" - as that is a hardware related problem.

How delightful.

I am attempting to get a second Timeshare drive up and running. (You would think that was easy.) Backing up the back up. So I can easily move to a new iMAC if my son decides I need to do that. I do need faster, bigger, and more memory. I also need faster DSL. (Want 100MB/S and stop throttling me!)

Seven years is OLD for a computer. Especially these days. I just happen to be fond of this one.




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