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Monday Morning - Dogs to the Vet

Date: December 2, 2017

So - I managed to get downstairs this morning and back up and then down again without falling over something.
I put the dogs out. I picked up the dirty salmon custard cup from 20-pound rescue Thomas and have no idea where I put it. Puzzle for the day. Motions are too routine. Now to pet Thomas I have to stand on my head and reach down to pet him. (Different at night when he litterally was all over me in bed last night. In the dark, he is a lover.)

Take note - Thomas does NOT like the new cat food. Too late - it is mixed in with the other already - this after a week for blending....sign. (Hills Bros Weight Management for cats. Thomas was getting heafty.)

Dogs outside so I get their morning thingy. They want in because it is 45 degrees - of course.

They want the pen. I put the thingy together - Glyde muscle medicine heart shaped pellet - a bit of a strip of Velveeta cheese - and for Grace thyroid meds.

They were too excited - Grace grabbed hers wrong way round in her excitement and I hear the Glyde fall. So did Suky. Grace was in a blind panic that she missed her treat - I went and got her another one. She got the cheese. I sure hope the pill stuck in the cheese was in HER mouth. Suky is the resident vacuum cleaner.

I am reeling from the barking Suky does outside (to which I yell at her to knock it off) - she's learned those words. And then Grace demanding in and demanding the treat - loud enough to split your brain right out of your skull. Shut up doesn't work with her. We try to go with WAIT and SIT. They have divided their chores. Suky is the yard guard - Grace is the demander.

Suky needs the vet. I call. 11:30. I am dressed and in makeup although I think I need the kind you put on with a spatula. Or a trowel.

I debate two of them.... They can get pretty exceited since walking not on my to-do list. (I live in the hills.) Trying to get a remedy for that.

They do not like to be separate. Seriously.

I open the car and set up the garden rake that holds the camper shell door up. YOU get SnugTop to return a phone call!

I harness the dogs (out of their little minds - my knee has kept me from walking - that and the shortness of breath. They see the harness - I yell "TRUCK" so we are clear on all this. Suky ignored the warning.

One by one I lift and put them into their carriers - for short trips - in the camper shell with windows wide open. For long trips - their carriers are in the cab with me.

I left the garage door up - this is a short trip.

I park where we can take a bit of a walk to the vet.

I get their weights - after they have peed several times on the way in (after being outside for hours) - Suky perfect and Grace - maybe 1-2 pounds need to come off. 22 pounds good for both of them. 

The vet techs do their thing. Something up Suky's nose (I was hanging on for dear life and so was the tech. Suky is a very strong little pup. She LOOKS little. Then they had two techs to draw a tiny bit of blood for a heart worm test. We need a fecal sample - they gave me the container.

A big dog came in during checkout. Suky and Grace wanted to sniff the other dog. Much barking.

On the way out, I should have noted the over-excitement of Suky - a signal I ignored or missed - and she dropped a load. I am not in my dog walking fanny pack.

I walk them to the truck and along the way Suky tangles herself in the dual leashes. (How on Earth? Never seen this.)

The woman in the car I was literally dragging them out of the path of stopped to say that the little one was tangled. I said "I Know!" and then I unhooked the dual leash dual harness hookup so I could lift one at a time and they are bouncy.

I hunted for stuff for pick-up. One piece of napkin, a clear plastic bag, and a tissue and back I go to get the poop deposits, my purse in the car, keys on my wrist, and the sample bag in hand. And I walked it right into the vet office where the tech just laughed. Took the mess and went off to do testing.

I walked back, got the truck home and reversed the unloading process.

For unloading - Grace first - I pat my shoulder she jumps into my arms and I carry her into the house.

For Suky I grabbed her up in my arms and carry her in. She used to look over my shoulder but not anymore. 

They want their pen (after drinking) and then they want a treat for all this (Dental chew).

I change. All day my jeans have been sliding down my hips. And after the exertion - my bra was too tight.

I am back in my soft AnyBody outfit - the new heather grey one.

The temps are climbing.

It is noon. I need a nap...




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