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Why Do I Use Flowers? (Most of the Time)

Date: April 22, 2017

If you are as big a fan of Regency as I am, then you know that today's Regency covers are trending to using 2015 bridesmaid gowns with the lacing up the back (usually undone) worn with nothing underneath. Kleinfeld Bridal!

First, the tapes were far smaller, and a dress was put on in pieces. It was very complicated. Second, they were never naked under their dresses. In fact, a man could be bored to death by the time his lady was undressed. Why a lady's maid or Abigail was required. (They were always called Abigail.) (The coachman was always called John.) (Servants were faceless.)

Underpants were not invented and the French pantaloons when they arrived were considered scandulous. The expression "skirts over her head" referred to the only fast access when you were - well you know what they were doing. It basically called a woman a slut. There are cartoons of ladies falling downstairs and everything ending up on display.

Tugging a dress down, well, that was a struggle. They were usually fastened into those dresses and corsets pretty damn tightly. It was the original layered dressing.

I object to the current "art". 2015 or so bridal dress, unlaced, nothing under it, easy access. NOPE!

Of course I also object but had to adapt to the loss of the language! They use contractions today. Reader's want them.. No Regency lady of any education used contractions. I wasn't allowed to use them when I was in school! But - the reader demands them. Read Georgette Heyer and read Jane Austin and other authors writing within the period. It is a different form of speaking. It was always part of the charm.

I can't change the loss of the language. I can sneak in a phrase or a sentence on occasion to tip my hat to the real Regency cant.

But the dresses? To protest such foolishness, I turned to flowers. No rhyme or reason, whatever is in season.

Besides, I like my flowers. I have lots of flowers because my block wll - a fire wall at the top of the canyon - has a resident huge honeybee hive in it! So - when I need a Regency cover, I run out to my garden with a camera! I always have flowers. And hummingbirds.









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