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How I Fell In Love With Controllers

Date: February 20, 2018

      We as a family had been dragged to Idaho so my stepfather could be around the Bonneville Flat reactor station. That’s what they called it when I was a kid. I can't find it on Wikipedia.

“Of the five commercial reactors originally planned by the Bonneville Power Administration and the Supply System in Washington, Columbia was the only one completed.” I saw three.

      As a student in Idaho Falls high school, we had a day on site, badged for radiation, classes and tours. We climbed up on top and looked into the core. We saw the water-cooling beds and the carbon rods and all that stuff. We had lectures on how these work.

      My generation grew up in the 1940s with comic books for kids — explaining the hide under the desk defense in case of nuclear attack. I had access to all of that. Nuclear power was your friend. It was going to light your cities. And then they shoved Radium down my throat. Nuclear medication experimentation. I survived. Others did not. Good going US Navy!

      On the trip, we got to see ray guns. Not as pretty as those drawings in the Saturday Post science fiction stories. I read them. I remember the men waving one around called Cutie Pie. It was not cute. They were examining alpha and beta rays. We didn’t really know what those were (I do).

     These terms were in the vocabulary at the time. They were in the fiction stories.
     All well and good.
     At the end, we turned in the badges not knowing if we had been “exposed” or not.

     At the end, we went by this very huge room. The control room. Dials and people and a wall of stuff and emergency shut down and other things.

     I fell in love. My little naive self. What I could have told her.

     I wanted to work on THAT.

     I did it. More or less. Controllers are everywhere, including in the SWAT trucks.
I am the controller Queen.


    • Hiding under a desk does not help you if a bomb falls. Run out and embrace it.  
    • You will be slowly dying if you are not killed at once.
    • You will get cancer and painfully fade away and you will not know when it will hit.
    • Close enough in you will have immediate radiation sickness.
    • Really close in and you will be vaporized.
    • You do not want to survive.
    • The Japanese are still dying.
    • I have seen photos you haven’t seen. Leave it at that.

    I am re-releasing my Bit-Slice Textbook. Again. Thirty four years and it is still in use.Yes, it is.





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