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THe Naked Housewife Woke Up

Date: September 2, 2018

      This Naked Housewife woke up this morning. TOO MUCH DUST.

      This was discovered when---while laying on my back under the covers --- I couldn't find the controller for the relatively new room air conditioner that resides over my bed. I mean, nada. Not in the pile of pillows I keep by the bed to fall out of bed onto. (Done that.) I was having a hot flash since they took my off premarin. And the whole HRT thing.
      The controller was not on the bookcase headboard which is stuffed with books, pillows, a mag flashlight, a weapon (contractor-sized claw hammer - for when I can't get the drawer open and the gun out), etc..

      There are hammers, baseball bats, a Marine dress sword (not sharp - great as a club), crowbars, etc. scattered all around the house. Never break into an older woman's house. She will hurt you.

      I even looked under the bed. The heat was rising (morning hot flash) so I flopped myself back into bed and heard the sound of something falling...

      Yep - the little sucker was in the bed pillow pile.

      All this activity had stirred up a lot of loose cat hair and other dust.

      Sir Thomas was watching this from his perch on the bed.
      Little did he know.

      I was now UP.

      So I stripped the bed. And I stripped, too.

      And lo but the dust and cat hair was mighty. Don't forget the beagles.

      I took a shower. Dried off. Scrubbed down the Jacuzzi tub. It was dusty. The washcloth holding the dish of bars of soap - was stiff.
      (I can't use the Jacuzzi tub unless Chuck is in the house. Or a cute cop. Or a cute fireman. I might not be able to get out of the tub.)

      Note that I am still naked. Because - the Naked Housewife cleans naked. It's very freeing. Sir Thomas is used to me running around like that.

      I scrubbed down the bathroom counter (lots of bath powder).

      I trashed some stuff.

      I need to trash more.

      Perhaps fill up a garbage can.

      I hunted thru a pile of sheets. Nope. Not for the Queen bed.
      Not in this room.

      Probably - after I check the double bed - I have another bag for Good Will. (I have a truck load already)

      I folded the sheets but the effort failed when I threw the laundry basket down the stairs.

      I ran the 3 foot dust mop around - no where near done but a start. I got the mop head off (needs washing).

      I used Endust on a rag and dusted the bedroom (TV stand) and the headboard and the dresser - needs more attention in the "office" but I did a few of the tables in there. The cat who will not be groomed is shedding long strands of gray thit and black fur. It floats. It sticks to the Kindle. The TV set.

      I fed the cat. He was NOT impressed. Refused to come near me and ran under the bed while the bed was actually pulled from the wall. I can see you! He thinks he is safe - he hasn't looked UP.

      I finally put on a caftan, let the dogs out, and went downstairs (forgot the bathroom trash can whic is full of product bottles. Empty bottles and burned down candles are now purged).

      Three loads of washing ——  looking for a top sheet for the Queen bed.

      Not done yet. 

      Still not dressed. Breezy under the caftan.

      Too much housework to do. I am calling in a housekeeping service.

      I need help.

      I suppose I will have to put clothing on to do that!

     After surgery Thursday.

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