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The Biopsy

Date: On Aug 1, 2018, at 8:59 AM, Donnamaie White wrote:

Yesterday I went in and had a biopsy to check for breast cancer in my left breast. They use ultrasound to locate and mark where they are going in while you practice a pose with your arm in the air like some 40s movie star. The mark with a sharp pen (?) was a prick. Then you get Novocaine's cousin to numb the boob to be attacked. And then - they wouldn't show me - I am still being a swan - it's like a baby gun shoving in the needle to get the cells they want. Think a softer bang-bang-bang. (Three cell samples - all positive. Results came in on the 3rd.)

The scar along the bottom is from the breast reduction surgery.

Then they send you off for a "light" mammogram - which frustrated the operator since my "marker" is way in the back and they need to record where the sucker ended up.

Yes - there is a marker left behind to let others know that this boob in this area has been tested. I asked if it was a GPS marker because I want newborn babies tagged and traceable. I think every girl-child and adolescent needs to be locatable at all times. She stayed out late? You know where she is. She missing? We can find the body. Catch the bastard faster. Not to mention us old folks who develop a tendency to wander off.

But I digress. My mind does that.

Anyway - then - the third stop - the nurse to set up your dressing and give you a zillion directions (no - you can't take Aleve and aspirin yet - and my arthritis is annoying!)

Between every one of these three rooms - I detour to the rest room. I haven't drunk anything for 4 hours but my bladder calls me a liar. Posing like a swan evidently made it wake up and hunt for every drop of moisture in my body.

OH - and did I say - my period started today - not much of one. My OBGYN promised it would peter off. I was a late starter given the tumor on my thyroid (benign). My body likes to catch up.

So - bandaging time.

The doctor had put on some steri strips - this would be the bandage. And mopped up the leaking blood or fluid. A couple of times. (I am a high normal bleeder. Sometimes.) Oh this is fun. First -- all kinds of coverage. And careful with the tapes. (Allergy adhesive) And finally - wrap me in an ace bandage. To accommodate the ice pack.

The elastic bandage was fighting to escape by the time I made the truck in the parking lot.

My larger right boob was already popping up. I am yanking the bandage back in place and am reminded of those tube tops we wore as kids. If you have a chest - do not wear a tube top.

I made it home. I have a recliner. I remember to tell people I am home.

I am lazy - dinner was chips and Pace Picante Medium and HD ice-cream (small amt) of the triple layers and the leftover melted dark choc chip sauce and a good book. Reading Butterface - Avery Flynn. The elastic wrap survived my adding an ice pack as directed.

When I woke up however.....

I had a stretched belt. The Girls were free!

I removed the belt. (You had better believe that the elastic bandage was hanging on to its gripper ends for dear life so I wriggled out of it.)

Checked for anything else loose. Used Deodorant and bath powder, and my bra.

I am in my PJs. Must read the ending of the book - the animals had become restless last night when I had gone past my normal "take puppies up the stairs and give them treats" time period last night. And Sir Thomas was waiting for his cuddles.

I am eying coffee…. I took my BP meds….

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