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The Hot SWAT Cover

Date: July 3, 2018

When the first book in the Hot Cop series needed a cover, I was new to the "find art" hunting game and I wanted something that screamed COP STORY. It's a romance of course—but I always add "color" based on my experiences. The fact that the hero wears a uniform and carries a gun presents interesting details...

I had attended the Citizen's Academy at the Fremont Police Department in October, 2012. I spent 12 weeks attending a once-a-week three-hour session and I was mesmerized. It was informative and fun. I also left with a whole different attitude. They were impressive. Especially the SWAT guys and the brand-new $400,000 anti-terrorism Bearcat SWAT truck.

Thirty-five civilians were loose inside the gates of the secure gated facility, and the cops were seriously outnumbered. I don't think any one of them entered the classroom without their sidearm. Even the guys that worked in chinos and a shirt and tie had a holster tucked somewhere. You had to watch the eyes. They were on alert.

Over the twelve weeks, we saw demonstrations like car stops, a K-9 take down, and we played at being cops (driving our imaginary cars up the stairs to go to a domestic—the conference room being the "house") and clerks, etc. were playacting at being the bad guys. Oh, and a few cops were also playing the bad guys. I got one of those. He was having way too much fun. We had to "put " the bad guys "in a car" so I put him in one. (Imaginary.)

We were running around with rubber guns. Suitable since the cruisers we were driving were imaginary, too.

I wrote it all up in Bloody, Beaten, and Unbowed - What I Learned at the Fremont Citizen's Academy. That book is in my release gueue. Previously, it was out in PDF to my fellow classmates.

What we really got off on was:

  • First: The attempted kidnapping the first night of the class—right in front of the police station. This was the class crime. And we needed radio calls (and a translation on what on earth they were saying), results (the arrest), the dashcam video (can we say a Bo-Duke hood slide?) and how was the K-9 doing (Timo bit the bad guy).

  • Second: The Big Truck that we got to climb on, crawl inside of, pose with secured guns with, and ride around the parking lot inside of (with a damn nice smiling and armed driver laughing all the way).

  • Third: The promo video was played for the Bearcat with AC/DC's Thunder blaring. Several times.

Well, Shutterstock didn't help in my art quest. Most police vehicle photos are licenced for editorial use. They didn't have anything useful anyway, so I did what any one who had managed to take a few pictures of Fremont's pride and joy would do. I checked and found one of my photos that does not show any of the fancy gear—and this truck has gear. (We aren't supposed to show it.) It's just a photo of a plain-looking Big Truck. And it is perfect. (The building in the back is part of the police station.)

It is appropriate for my book because so many things I wrote about in the three short stories in this book were real events and police encounters I have had. Including the encounter with the FBI. Unfortunately, the romances are not real.Those are totally created out of my imagination.

And yes, it has external and internal grab bars. And I couldn't resist...

Book Description

By Caliente Morgan

From Caliente Morgan’s Hot Cop Series comes a set of three short stories

Hot Cop Series
An independent woman
.... A disciplined cop
........ An undeniable attraction

Hot SWAT – the first story

If they put him on an episode of COPS, he’d get fan mail. 

Assigned to a Citizen’s Academy at the local police department, good girl Laurie Hamilton had a job to do. Research. Learn. But when the blonde Adonis in camo became a fixture in the twelve-week citizen class, she found it difficult to stay focused. Especially when she found his eyes on her. She knew they had rules about fraternization with the public when on duty. She wanted to break all of them.

Officer Bradford Spencer watched the perky brunette from his vantage point in the back of the classroom. He was here to lend support to the instructor. Having thirty-seven civilians on the loose inside the perimeter caused everyone a bit of unease, background checks be damned. He wasn’t speaking but he was another gun. But when that woman flashed her eyes at him, his whole body reacted. Temptation or not, there were rules and regulations he didn’t dare challenge.

Brad was stripped down to a T-shirt and camo pants, he was checking the SWAT truck, setting up the equipment after the civilians had had their ride around the parking lot. It was full dark but he was safely inside the perimeter gates. Then he found a make up bag and turned to find that security be damned, a certain perky brunette with a pink sparkly tank top had managed to slip into the secure lot and now was smiling up at him. Damn the rules. Smiling back so wide his face hurt, he reached down and hauled her up, closed the doors, put her hands up on the inside grab rail, and told her to hang on...

Irresistible – the second story

Distraction? You bet.

San Diego Sheriff’s Deputy Sean Connors wasn’t sure how he had managed it, but a certain bombshell’s name was on the slot next to his shift for a shift-long ride-along. He had seven days to try to calm down, before he’d have her alone in his car. Seven days to figure out how to let her know he was willing. There were rules and policies regarding ride-alongs. He knew that. He had become fascinated with her. Seeing her was a drug he couldn’t quit. If he messed up, his career was on the line.

Leanne Roberts, Lela, was excited. A ride in a cruiser with a man who could fuel daydreams. Did she get the shift she wanted? Did she get the cop she wanted? Sure enough, her slot was untouched. Her name was in place. So was his. She made a note of the time for the ride.
Oh, this really should be interesting, because she had caught his eyes on her several times. Always with a scowl. If only he’d stop scowling at her. In her wildest daydreams, he wasn’t scowling.

A week later, the tension in the patrol car was high at the start and had climbed higher as the shift had progressed. Did she have the bravado to reach out for what she wanted? What if she was wrong?
If she let this opportunity slip away she’d have no one to blame but herself.

The Range Master – the third story

She shouldn’t have done it.

Della Madison was on a research for stories as much as she was there to do a free-lance article on the police. She was very clear about that when she registered for a citizen’s class with real cops. She was doing fine, until Range day—when they let the citizens actually fire a weapon, under heavy supervision and lots of protection, of course. Her shooting instructor? The man who had lit her up from the moment he arrived in the classroom. Talk about a close encounter.

Sargent Mike Preston had spotted her from the first. He had caught her focused attention. Blue eyes focused on him. Listening to him. From the beginning he could feel her watching. Not daring to look at her, at least not for any length of time, he had managed to get through his presentation without forgetting parts of it. But he wasn't free yet. She chose him for her shooting instructor. He was careful how he touched her. The briefest of contact. He wanted so much more.

The story broke with a vengeance. A student in the class had been a writer. And what she had written! Erotic descriptions of the range master. And something about a wild affair conducted in the office he kept. Something about wild sex on his desktop.
Oh—and there was a pen name.
And there was a disclaimer.
“This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real officers is purely coincidental.”
How had she guessed his fantasy?
And why was she sitting in his office?





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