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Thomas in the Morning

Date: March 25, 2018

    So--- Thomas has taken to staring at the door when I leave with the 2 beagles in the morning. Watching me leave him.
Ignores his food to sit like a little forlorn statue.

      Yeah. My heart strings are being pulled. He does that very well. (He's 5 years old we are guessing.)

Thomas Looking Pretty

Sir Thomas - my more recent rescue (had him 1 year and 3 months) Looking Pretty - 20 pound cuddle bug

      Note that he got cuddled at night (a lot), and he's already had a lot of cuddles in the morning. He doesn't leave the bed until I actually get out of bed. I can leave for the bathroom. I can leave to set the ADT alarm.
But if I am REALLY getting up --- he flees. And leads me to his food dish.

      I thought with all this interest that perhaps he was ready to leave the upstairs rooms. He has made it out once a whole foot or so and then fled back inside. He's big but he can move.

      Yesterday he had bolted out of the door as I left, catching me off guard, and ran to Summer and they touched noses - and then he ran back in and Summer wouldn’t stay (steps in - checks things - flees.) Thomas also touches noses with Suky
- the smaller beagle — on most nights. This is a good sign….

      So this morning, Summer was crying at the door (food demand) but wouldn't come in so I grabbed her (she was not happy) and I brought her in, and she jumped down and trotted to where she knows the food dishes are.

      First on her list, HISS at THOMAS who gets behind me. After Summer hissed two more times, and got scolded --- not that she gives a damn ---and Thomas looked ready to have a nervous breakdown, I tossed her back out of the room.

      As soon as she was gone, Thomas went to his office room (food room). Swanned in.

      I went and gave him treats and food (measured) and did my other morning chores --- make the bed, pull the cat blanket over the pillows, round up my purse, drink G2 and pack up the empty bottle, turn off the TV, turn on the air filter, turn off the ADT alarm, etc. etc. my routine. I was about to get the dogs out of their sleeping carriers (they are pretending the carriers are empty so they can sleep longer) and I see Thomas sitting there on his carpet in the office---like a statue. Looking pathetic.

      So I went back and got him to come to me (wiggle my fingers) and he enjoyed a LOT of petting.When enough, he went to his food dish, I grabbed the beagles and went down the stairs.

      We now have these things.

* Summer isn't ready.
* Sir Thomas is terrified of Summer (half his size)
* Thomas wants extra time with mommy in the morning. (During the day he sleeps)
* Summer needs her nails trimmed…

Summer Napping

Summer napping on the daybed - really laid back. She's moving on toward 12 years old! Rules the house.








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