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When do You Get Rid of a Bra?

Date: March 27, 2018

     Like men and their holey shorts, wear them until the elastic breaks, and if you have a husband, live-in boyfriend, or have raised sons, you are aware of that particular phenomena. And holey socks because we women folk no longer darn socks by candlelight.

     Women discard underwear more often. We see cute panties, we buy. Even if no one is around to look. We want to feel sexy even in overalls. Lace, we buy. Flower prints. Purple ones. Red ones. Black ones. Etc.

     Wire-free, we would like to choose. What stops us? If our cup size has exceeded all our youthful expectations and/or these babies have started traveling south, we know we need to back into that odious option --- the under-wire bra!    

     Dastardly creation. But eventually we succumb. We have them in different colors. They enter a room before we do. And there is another factor. Headlights. If we don't want to overexcite the men at the office or the factory floor, you need them lined. You need them so sturdy they can hold their shape when you are not in them. Men get silly if they see or think they see something... usuall, the wrong men.

     Bras are terrible to size. They come in A, B, C, D and the DD, and EE and FF, and up. Besides all this, do we need a 1/2 cup? Some companies had gone to 1/2 cup sizes. What we really need is different cup sizes, one side is one size, and the other a different size and currently we need to buy the larger cup size. And store our car keys, wallet, and smart phone in the excess room in the bras. (I have stories about that.) The larger you are, the bigger the difference between the two.

     I actually had my girls made smaller, made uniform, and put them back up where they belonged, and the bastards grew back, slid down, and whereas the larger one used to be on the left, the larger one is now on on the right. They (the doctors) did not warn me that would happen.

     Fussing and looking for something that worked, a few years ago, like more than 10, I found a TARGET bra that actually worked. Not so tough it could be used as a costume in a superhuman movie. Did not try to shove its way into the room before I got there. Washable. And when I continued growing because of the thyroid meds being messed up, a bra extender worked. I got to keep the lightly padded, skin tone colored, under-wire bra. For years...

     Oh, I did try to buy bras now and then but I am not near a Lane Bryant and catalog shopping not as good. None of them totally worked. The old and aging TARGET bra (a Playtex bra) hung in there.

     Well, today I didn't feel comfortable in this survivor - oh no - I had lost weight and had removed the extender. I was proud of that. But now--- my bra doesn't work. It is poking me!

     Without undressing, I slithered out of the bra and took a look. The under-wire had broken! And it was poking out of its channel!

     It has been tossed. It is there, in the garbage can. Do I feel heartbroken?

worn out bra

     I have a new nude stripes bra that wants to enter a room first but not as badly as others and fits comfortably. Mark the calender. Unless my diet works, I will have this bra for a long, long time.

     Ignore the 8 bras still in their wrappers....

     I guess I am fickle...





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