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The Famous Orange Robe

Date: January 14, 2019

      While shooting photos for possible headshots - I took one in the famous orange robe. 

      In Fremont - I had gotten up to find cops all over my front yard (in Fremont - the house I sold) - six cute cops.
      I saw one leaning on my truck.
      OK - I must - go outside - in curlers and an orange robe with a BIG BLUE STAIN on it. What's going on?
      Well - they were there to "call on your neighbor" - which turned out to be a bunch of squatters 
in the problem house 2 doors down the street.

      Evidently - when I was in San Diego - they (the cops) had gone thru the windows. House got cleared out. It had become a grow house. They had even stollen water from me.
      After that, in had come someone who rented a room to a young man who was a complete a$$hole. Drove into my garbage cans. Cursed and kicked them (out for pickup) at two in the morning. DICK!
      And - before all this - the man and wife living there - he had dementia and she was taking care of him - and she died on Thanksgiving - the relatives showed up and found him loose - don't know how long she'd been dead - the cops and fire truck had to stay until they could find a coroner and it took hours! 

      So - that house needs to be bulldozed!  And we all kept an eye on it.

      Anyway - cute cops - and I wandered back inside and got ready to go to the office (part-time work at that time).

      So the batty woman in no make up and a flaming orange robe with the stain steps out to go to work
in black velvet slacks and jacket and tank top, make up in place, hair done, jewelry in place, black ankle boots 
- picture perfect (as much as I could get there) and there's a cute cop in his car blocking my driveway.

      I am not sure he connected me with the orange robe.
      "You need to get out?"
      "Um - yes."
      He rolled back - I escaped.

      The stain - after a zillion washings - is tiny. The robe all these years later is still my go to when it gets freaky cold in here. 

      (San Diego - it's raining again - it will rain all week. Temps are below normal. )

      It has a slight rip in a seam - on my list to repair. 
      A Chenille Robe.
      I wrote it into one of my cop stories.

      I write all cop encounters I have into one or the other of my hot cop romances.


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