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The Baggy Traveling Pajamas Are Back

Date: 2019

These PJs were shipped back and forth across the USA (2014) more than once --- they hang around a lot.

In case it is cold.

It hasn't been cold. For years. Not so much in San Diego. It is now!

Oversized (on purpose) - from QVC - dispatch and I were watching the travels. Eventually they reached my front door. It was the subject of much hilarity.

So I am sitting in 2019 at noon in these same pajamas.

(not so frazzled looking) (photo from Fremont house - getting ready to move)

At about the same time my new MacPro traveled around - not quite as much as these crazy PJs

Two major computer shipment fr om Apple traveled as well. In one case we drove to the depot, saw it in the corner near the door, grabbed it and went home. They never even noticed I had grabbed it. (FedEx)

The record is the $160 package I sent my son (EXPRESS MAIL) that was never seen again. The post office says it delivered to the apartment complex. Someone is running around in wild t-shirts and a shit-load of chocolate chip cookies. My son and his husband had to do without. Trust me - they hunted and hunted.

That's the only delivery that never was solved.

I wear the PJs over shorts and tank tops - usually put them on and am back out of them within an hour.

NOT TODAY! Waiting for the history-making storm on Thanksgiving. (tomorrow)

My son had snow in Milpitas.

People to the north have downpours.

Snow is forecast to 3,000 feet - up to two feet


Baggy PJs are required.



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