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Ever Loose Your Keys?

Date: November 12, 2019

Ever lose your keys? HA!
This was the greatest almost tragedy ever!

My keys (possibly aided by a cat) were missing.

They are supposed to be clamped to the purse (metal ring)

Johnathan set that up for me before he died 15 years ago
- he was convinced that no one would be around to find my keys.
I religiously do this. Nice reminder of my youngest boy.

I had a doctor's apt at 9AM in Torrey Pines

Animals all fed and medicated and potty breaks done - CHECK
my pills - the essentials - taken. CHECK
Look up Google maps for the street (for the pavilion) - CHECK
8:15AM - I went for the keys to leave....and started screaming.

Fast prowl - nada Repeated 4 times while screaming
Even went upstairs and checked the bed. (Purse goes up at night)

Spare key for truck - spare key for house - no spare key for the truck club
Do not ask how many times I nudged myself to remember to copy that damn key!
(would require a locksmith or the AAA roadside service) - checked outside.

Keys were in my hand last night since I had driven the major part of Pomerado Road
in the dark with dilated eyes. (checking on cataract)

Pat down - entire room. Bathroom. Kitchen drawers. (In case my eyes don;t work.)
Messy counters. Mail basket. Laundry. Dryer. Inside of truck. (Spare truck key)
Round and round and round you go.

Along the way I grabbed the kitchen waste bag and took it outside. GARBAGE DAY!

I was losing it.

Called the dr and cancelled. My BP was probably off the chart.

Since my gut had gone liquid this morning (and two days earlier had signaled a problem)
--- major GI attack --- and I had practically drunk a bottle of Immodium AD
- probably a good idea in any case.

Time to drain the swamp. IE - walk like a trooper's search party. Inch by inch.

Wait - I had just taken that trash bag to the street - not a good idea - must clear it.

The kitchen "door" has a trash can for waste on one side and the recycle on the other side.
My OCD head said - check the damn bag or you will implode.

So I raced outside (they never come early) - grabbed the bag out of the wheelie bin
(the neighbors must love this) shook it (no sound of keys)

- held it up and squeezed along the bottom after shaking the bag again.


IS IT?????

OMG it was the keys - in the trash bag to be picked up in the street!

OK - either I missed the counter when I stumbled home last night
- or a certain purring and furry orange thing had a temper tantrum.) 50-50 odds.


I missed my carabiner step last night. Not enough coffee.
I called the office and rescheduled
- Dr all the way to the coast in Torrey Pines area.
And he's got a crowded schedule.
Monday it is....


Key Fob says:

I didn't lose the keys - I lost the whole damn car!



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