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Bit-Slice Design: Controllers and ALUs

Garland STPM Press
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eBook at since 1995

AMD 2900 Family Bible - supports current IP

Intro to Bit Slice

Lecture Monograph updated (coming soon)

Photos of the Am2901 Chips:

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April 2009

AMD 2900 VINTAGE INFORMATION - Am29203 and ED29203
- By Request - MORE COMING!!!!!!


AMD Am2900 Family Databook - 1995 - Bitsavers' PDF Document Archive (30MB) - On-Line at Bit Savers
(Link at bottom of that page) Document will open, downloads

Wikipedia - Am2900

AMDASM .def and sample programmng files - Am29116 and Am29203 - 1982

AMD Am29116 Datasheet - available all over the place on-line - this one is 1981


The Am29203 Evaluation Board Exercises & Laboratories (1.47MB PDF)

The ED29203 Lecture - covers the Am29203 Family (9.67MB PDF)


Am29203 eval kit (sent in by a reader) - See Spanish reference to the left


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