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April 2018

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Donnamaie E. White, PhD

An Engineer who writes

Donnamaie E. White, PhD is an Author and publisher who currently resides in San Diego on the edge of an eroding canyon, the perfect place for her green thumb. A wild honeybee colony lives in her block wall fire fence. Something is always blooming in her yard.

Since winning the “I speak for Democracy competition” in high school, and scholarships for her years as a youth reporter to the Hartford Times, she has been chasing the dream of writing novels. She rejected the idea of living in a garret.

She is the author of the science-fiction romance novel Jettison and was the editor of the Silicon Valley Romance Writer's of America chapter newsletter for 4 years and the president of the group for 2 years.

Starting with her first job after earning her BSEE, She wrote over forty technical papers, authored multiple technical training courses, and joined the faculty of a University for three years while completing her doctorate in computer science and master’s in engineering. She authored the non-fiction best seller: Bit-Slice Design: Controllers and ALUs textbook (Garland STPM Press) and two other texts.

Dr. White also ran several training departments, running the publishing operations for several major tech companies. She spent 50 years working in high-tech.

She served 15 years in the Boy Scouts of America and both Den Mother and Assistant Scout Master and High Adventure leader. Both her sons earned the Eagle. She has the Curved Bar from GSA (equivalent to the BSA Eagle).

Her technical work and the Boy Scouts kept her from devoting time for fiction writing so—as a single working mother, she established an on-line blog in 1993 and grew a following with stories about her kids, her pets, and, of course, Fabio.

A pioneer on the web, she released two of her textbooks, rights now reverted to her, in HTML 1.0 in 1993. She also produced an eLearning course in HTML 1.0 in 1994.

In 2007, she incorporated as WhitePubs Enterprises, Inc. WhitePubs is a registered trademark of WhitePubs Enterprises, Inc.

As of 2014, Dr. White writes fiction under the pen names Caliente Morgan and Lady Morgan. To date she has released 17 novels and novellas. Her latest book is the Italian Vampire, a novel written for the Fabio Fan Club. The novel Rollover is next, the tenth in the Hot Cop Series.

The non-fiction Bit-Slice book has been re-issued several times over the years by her company and she will release it as a digital book under the WhitePubs label later this year.

In 1964, she (and her first husband) drove a VW bug towing a U-Haul trailer across the United States using the famous Route 66. She can fly a plane (Cessna) and land it, has jumped from a plane at 13,000 feet, can ride a horse, rode up a mountain with cowboys in Wyoming, rode a canoe down the Colorado river with the Boy Scouts, rafted white water rapids down the rivers in Wyoming, can drive a tractor and got her driver’s license at 16 after she changed a tire on a heavy old Merc station wagon (remember wooden sides) while parked headed uphill while her step-father watched.

She is currently studying the RapidWeaver software so she can redesign all her websites in-between releasing new books.   LadyMorgan.html

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